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Corporate events

Design and implementation of Turnkey Events for companies.

GL events Chile
Turnkey solutions
Fast installation

We are part of GL events, the world’s leading company in the events area. Present in 5 continents and in more than 20 countries.

We deliver to our customers Turnkey Solutions, offering a comprehensive, personalized service that brings together all the necessary services and accessories under a single point of contact.


  • Modular construction system guarantees fast, easy and safe assembly.
  • Permanent stock of structures.
  • It does not require civil works.
  • Structures without interior pillars, offers free spaces and 100% useful.
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Air conditioning

Power generation and distribution

Pedestrian and heavy duty modular floor finishes in carpet, linoleum, or wood


Interior and exterior lighting system

Graphics and logos printed in curtains

Single and double access doors with anti-panic bar, hydraulic arm, and access ramps


  • Aluminum structures that guarantee excellent finish
  • PVC side curtains (blackout, translucent, or transparent) and rigid glass panels (glazed)
  • Modular construction system adaptable to different setups
  • No need of foundations, can be assembled, relocated, and modified in size
  • Reduced volume for transport
  • Fire resistant aluminum structures F-30 and F-90 (DICTUC certification)
  • Buildings placed in accordance with the Chilean construction norms (NCh)
  • Blackout, UV filter, and self-extinguishing PVC membranes

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Aluminum Structures

Modular construction system adaptable to different setups. Quick, easy, and safe set up.


Aluminum sructure for small spaces or to complement medium and large events.